Why do you call it "Mini" certificate? A one week program delivers a mini-certificate. We plan a second week in the future, for a more technical certificate. Mini is a good way to acquire insights without being overly taxed. What are the requirements to enroll? Simply, some experience with risk and, being a typical reader of, say, Antifragile or similar books. ´╗┐What makes your program different? Most risk "certification" are design to learn to comply with Basel and other regulations. We teach risk. Methods taught by non-risk takers wouldn't have helped with the latest banking crisis. Ours would. See the two graphs below from Silent Risk.

Other Questions

Q: I am considering a career switch. How will the certificate help me? The Mini-certificate is priced at about 40% less than an executive MBA, and requires a tenth of the time and financial commitment, so we believe that the payoff will be quite generous. Feedback shows there is considerable name recognition. For an idea of real world companies that have sollicited our see the list of clients.