Re-Uberizing Professional Education

If you need to study a standardized subject, say Calculus 101 or Econ 102, you go to a reputable institution where you can expect the subject to correspond to the norms. Variations matter, but not much, except for the the reputation of the university. The instructor and to some extent the university matter less than the subject.

Risk is an Uberized concept, not a generic topic.

You cannot rely on an academic who learned stuff in books and texts written by other academics to have a clue about risk, hence be able to teach you the subject.

But if your aim is to acquire a professional skill, then you would go to a specific professional or a group of specific professionals who have an intimate knowledge of the intricacies of the subject matter and a long clinical experience. That is how the apprenticeship mode worked in the past. Even in subjects such as philosophy or medicine you went to a person, not an institution and your training or "degree" (when available) was attached to the instructor.

No, we are not competing with the University. We just focus on teaching you stuff that you need and that the university cannot possibly teach. And we teach people who do not like the university format, with exams: the real world has no formal exam.